Online accident book

Accident & incident reporting made easy

Accident and incident reporting made easy

Adding a record to your online accident book is as easy as filling in a paper one...
Getting meaningful information from a paper book isn't so easy that's where our system shows it's full value.
If you're interested in safety at your workplace - you need this tool !

Filter reports by incident type (near miss, RIDDOR reportable etc.),
Filter reports by date range, location, by body area affected and by the nature of an injury.
Was protective equipment was being used?

With just a few mouse clicks all this valuable
information is instantly available.

Find out what and where the hazards are
in your workplace, then you can help
prevent them in future.

Fully mobile friendly.


Perfect for

  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Monthly reports & statistics
  • Identifying hazardous areas
  • Comprehensive reporting

Simple pricing

  • Monthly or yearly payments
  • Cancel anytime you wish

HSE and RIDDOR compliant

responsive and mobile friendly

HSE and RIDDOR compliant electronic accident book

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